Even after our time at Code2College, we remain tied to it – and each other. As a member of the Code2College Alumni Association, we volunteer, network, and share our past experiences will current members.

Meet a few proud members below and click to read their stories. Then share your own with #Code2CollegeAlumni

Marlene Mora

Marlene participated in our inaugural program cohort three years ago. Through Code2College, she visited corporate partners like @siliconlabs and @facebook, developed a portfolio of technical projects and even designed a website for CNN commentator,  Asha Rangappa.

Marlene is currently a freshman at Georgetown University in Washington DC in our nation’s capital and is pursuing a major in #ComputerScience

Tilo Garcia

“I hope to own my own tech company in the future and Code2College will help familiarize me with the industry and learn more about the field.” – Tilo

It has always been a dream of his to attend The University of Texas – Austin and now he’s a double major in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in the Honors program at UT Cockrell School of Engineering.

Code2College recently had it’s first graduating class in May 2019! We are so proud of all of our alumni.

More Alumni coming to page soon!